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There are heaps of online casinos out there to choose from, and choosing is very hard. First of all, look for casinos that have certificates or awards, e.g. the best casino award. Those usually are the best, even more when they're powered by Microgaming, the industry-leading gaming software. If you want to look at a few more we recommend looking at online casino reviews like www.eonlinecasinoreviews.com does them. They can give you a good overview of what the different casinos offer and assist you with choosing.

The next thing to look at is which games to play! Modern online casinos offer hundreds of great games for members to choose from. The average player might want to try them all, others have one game they learn in and out and only want to play that game. Knowing what games are available and how to play them allows gamers to diversify their seed money, and with a little luck, make a big break or even find a new favorite game. In the second half of our guide, we'll take a look at some of the less common games you can find in online casinos, as well as a little about each of them!


Easily the most popular form of online gambling, online slot machines offer a range of colorful and engaging games of chance. From three real classic slots to multipayline bonus slots, there is no end to the different kinds of online slot machines available at casinos across the web.


There are dozens of different Poker game types. So many in fact, that you're sure to find one that you're good at! From Texas Hold 'Em to 7 Card Stud, poker is the most popular card game in both online and normal casinos the world over. Many online gamers use a strategy called Multi-Tabbing to play upwards of 20 hands of poker at once to maximize their chance of winning.


An old favorite, Bingo is sure to be a fun time whether you play for keeps or not. In online casinos, Bingo is a popular high stakes game featuring dozens of variations and even more rulesets. It might be hard to keep the rules straight for its many variations, but there is no doubt that the right gamer can make some serious cash playing Bingo


The casino classic Roulette is also available online in both its American and European derivatives. In this game of chance, online players can play in multiple rooms at once, using betting strategies to maximize their chances of hitting a jackpot while minimizing their potential losses.


Though it's suffered a recent decline in popularity, Craps is still played in many online casinos today. With Craps, the name of the game is counting the odds and a gamer versed in statistics stands to make a killing in the world of online Craps.


This Italian card game is even more popular in online casinos than it is anywhere else! It's three most popular variants (North American, Chemmy, and Deux Tableaux) are played at almost every online casino you can find on the web, and with such a low house edge, Baccarat is a low risk way to make some extra cash online.

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